When: 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month, 9-4:00 p.m.

The District runs a low-cost soil testing program to help Clallam County residents make informed decisions about the management of soil nutrients. 

We accept soil samples on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at our office.  The $20 fee covers the cost of the test, recommendations and the shipping expenses.  We now accept credit/debit cards at our office in addition to exact cash and personal checks. 

 Soil tests provide information on fertilizer needs which help you save money and time as well as protect the environment from contaminated runoff from over-fertilization.  Soil tests should be taken in the spring or fall for established sites and at any time of year for new seedings and plantings.  Taking a soil test every two to three years is usually adequate to monitor nutrient levels; however you may need to test more frequently if management practices change.  

Planners at the Conservation District will help you interpret the results of your test which will include specific fertilizer reccomendations for your crop. 

Please refer to the Soil Testing brochure for detailed instructions on collecting and submitting your soil sample.


We have one hay probe and three soil testing probes available for check-out to Clallam County residents.  Residents wishing to borrow the probes are encouraged to call ahead to ensure that the equipment is available.  This service is provided at no charge to help residents utilize best management practices while improving their pastures, crops, gardens, and lawns.