Best Management Practices (BMP) Cost Sharing Program

All Clalllam County land users are eligible for to receive financial assistance to implement conservation practices that benefit water quality and wildlife habitat through our Cost Sharing Program.  Financial assistance is contingent upon available grant funding.  The following are some examples of common cost-share practices:

  • Fencing to exclude livestock from streams, rivers, ditches, ponds and other waterways.   
  • Stream crossings and alternative livestock watering systems may also be eligible if needed.
  • Gutters, downspouts and appropriate outlets for roof runoff water on existing livestock buildings.
  • Waste storage and composting facilities that provide safe, long-term storage of livestock manure.
  • Heavy use area protection for mud-free winter confinement areas for livestock.

Eligible cost-share practices must protect or improve water quality and/or wildlife habitat, and the public benefits from the practice must significantly outweigh private gains.  Practices that directly improve or protect Click for more information water quality, such as stream fencing, crossings and alternative stock watering systems are eligible for up to 75% assistance.  Practices that indirectly benefit water quality, like waste storage structures and heavy use area protection are eligible for up to 50% cost-share assistance. 

Please refer to the Financial Assistance brochure for more information on this program.  Each cost-share applicant must work with the District to develop a farm conservation plan.  Please refer to the Farm Conservation Planning brochure for more information on developing a farm plan. 

Financial Assistance for Repair of Failing Septic Systems

Up to 75% of the cost of repairing or replacing a failing onsite septic system may be covered through our Onsite Septic System Repair Financial Assistance Program. Failing onsite septic systems impacting surface waters in the Clallam County Marine Recovery Area are highest priority for assistance. All referrals for assistance must be made to the conservation district by Clallam County Environmental Health - 360-417-2506.

Other Financial Assistance Programs

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) - Covers 100% of costs for planting native trees and shrubs along salmon-bearing streams (or waterways that drain into salmon-bearing streams). 

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) - Managed by the Natural Resource Conservation (NRCS), provides cost-sharing assistance to commercial farmers for a variety of conservation practices.