Manure Share Program

The Manure Share Program connects livestock owners who have extra manure with people who want manure.

Are you a livestock owner with extra manure?  Email or call the Conservation District to have your name added to the "Supplier" list.  Your name, telephone number, and a description of the type of manure (horse, rabbit, composted, etc.) along with the general location of your farm, will be added to the "Supplier" list.  Please note and/or mention if you have a tractor available to help load manure.

Are you looking for a source of manure for your gardening endeavors?  Email us to get a copy of the "Supplier" list.  You can then contact livestock owners directly to make arrangements to pick up the manure.

It is important that manure is properly composted before use.  Composting kills weed seeds and bacteria and produces a nutrient rich soil amendment that can be used in lawns, landscape beds and gardens.  Click here for more information on composting manure.